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It seems like every so often some congressperson decides to be a champion of education and suggests we need a longer school day or an extended school year like (insert hard working and over populated county here) whose students are scoring so much better than ours.

Nevermind that their culture puts a value on education – probably over sports stars and movie stars.

Nevermind that their approach is different: Play based learning until third grade.  Creative problem solving as the focus of math classes.

Nevermind that teachers continually suggest that smaller class sizes would boost scores and, more importantly, allow them to give students more attention, meet more of their needs, and quell their growing distaste for learning.

Nevermind that the American school curriculum has been described by people smarter and more knowledgeable than I as a mile wide and an inch deep.

Nevermind that our young people now lead such busy lives that they have little time for family or personal pursuits.

In fact so little time is available to be spent “discovering oneself” that I’d venture to say the excessive amount of work in childhood is directly responsible for the rash of college students with undeclared majors.  Our young men and women don’t know what they want to do because they’ve never been given a chance to do anything.

Please sign the petition by following the link below.  Students all over the world could really use the break and educators might just find a little bit of enlightenment.  Maybe more would realize that how things have been done is not necessarily how things have to be done.

Studydaddy Homework Free Week is set to coincide with TV Turnoff Week (also called Digital Detox Week).  You should spend your new found free time pursuing real life interaction or other interests – not sitting in front of a screen.


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